Wearing a Mask

In today’s world, the first thing one must consider doing if you plan to venture outdoors publicly is to wear a face mask. Most people, including myself, do not like to wear a mask.

For me, the mask restricts my breathing but no one wants to hear about that. Right? Every chance I get to lower it when away from the public, I do so. Between the heat and the moist breathing, I find myself getting lightheaded.
I have read and heard about incidents and altercations between those who wear a mask as opposed to those who choose not to wear one in public. YouTube has a whole series of videos on the subject. Everyone has become so edgy these days that no matter what you say or do, you can be certain there will be some type of criticism with your actions. Some proponents of wearing a mask have even become warriors. They are willing to call you out!
I’ve come to believe that wearing a mask is a necessary evil. You know...like paying taxes. It’s something we don’t want to do but deep down you know that it is for the betterment of society. With that said, I still don’t like wearing the mask... but I wear it anyway!
I don’t want to be guilty of potentially infecting some other innocent person. Likewise... I don’t want to get the virus from someone I don’t even know (not that it makes a difference). I get it. I am not happy about it but I do try to be rational and reasonable about it.
My problem is that I need to be convinced before I believe in something wholeheartedly. That goes for mostly everything in my life. Covid 19 is no different. In turn, I constantly ask myself for the defining reason why I should wear a mask rather than fall into the abyss of conspiracy theories and Constitutional rights.
Earlier this week I was out to lunch with an old friend of mine. We have enjoyed this ritual for the last 57 years. We go back so far that we can barely remember what we did when we were younger. We are forced to discuss the most current, topical and political news that beset us.
As we entered the eating establishment (Lenny & Joe’s Fishtail) the staff was very adamant about wearing a mask. It was mandatory that a mask be worn even when placing your order. The only time it could be removed is when you were eating or drinking. Other than that, you had to wear the mask.
I must admit that I am not good at taking orders... especially when it comes to wearing a mask in a huge outdoor tent that was barely filled with patrons. I wanted to enjoy lunch without trying to provoke a case of “Agita.’ (Italian word for agitate). I did not want to become “agitated.”
As we sat at our table and waited for the food to be served, my mind went into overdrive concerning the use of masks. Hmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm...BINGO!?
OK...stay with me. In an unconventional way, I want to explain what I discovered.
Isn’t wearing a mask similar to wearing underwear? Without going into all of the similarities and details, the bottom line is that they (Mask vs. Underwear) serve an equivalent or parallel purpose...so to speak. Now I am not trying to make a direct comparison but there are a number of similarities in the two types of coverings. (protection, moisture, orifices, need to be changed, etc)
With a little imagination I think it is both true and humorous to consider and contrast between the two. So... there you have it. The best reason for wearing a mask is the same as for wearing underwear. Case closed.
One thing I am not advocating is for people to go commando once this epidemic is over. You can throw away your mask but I think it would be a good idea to continue wearing your underwear. We can discuss the extended benefits of wearing underwear in another essay.

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