Why an Instant Live Person Concierge App and a Global Social Men’s Eating Club Formed an Alliance

Technology and Dining – Why an Instant  Live Person Concierge App and a Global Social Men’s Eating Club Formed an Alliance

 Sept 3, 2021 – Los Angeles, Calif. --- Making a dinner reservation via an app is a complicated thing for most seniors. In fact, many seniors today struggle with technology. Most own smartphones, but rarely ever use the millions of apps available to them.  As a result they have lost the self-sufficiency they once had.  Romeo Club (Retired Old Men Eating Out), the largest group of senior men’s social eating clubs in the country, has announced a new partnership with Zantango to provide its thousands of members with an exciting new way to easily fulfill all their needs. Zantango’s instant live person concierges (Tangoers) can do a wide range of things for their members: transact (including shopping, getting groceries, etc.), surf websites, search the web, communicate, use rideshare, get odd-job assistance, even help them book a dinner reservation… along with a wide range of different things via their mobile and desktop digital devices. 

The Romeo Club members or their loved ones simply download the Zantango App, sign in, and say “Hey Siri, Zantango!,” for iPhone or “Hey Google, open Zantango now” for Android, and a live person appears.  Users can ask for what they need done, and the Tangoer executes it using existing websites and apps.  What is exciting is that the Tangoer is not only viewable, but has the ability to share their screen to showcase products or websites, allowing for a complete audio and visual experience throughout the process.  No texting or typing required.

 On the other side, Zantango provides Tangoers with a new way to earn extra money with the freedom to do work and provide value to others from almost anywhere.  Zantango is creating a new form of gig economy, not based on drivers, but on online helpers.

 Overall, Romeo Club wants to empower its members with an opportunity to be more self-sufficient in the digital age.  Zantango offers this ability today!

 For more information go to: www.zantango.com and www.romeoclub.com

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