Why Join?

When you join a ROMEO Club™ or form your own ROMEO Club™ you will become part of a fraternity of Retired Men with similar Interests. There are NO DUES, but FUN is paramount.

Join the ROMEO Club™ for FUN! Our Club has NO Religious, Political or Nationality affiliation. All are welcome and all have something to offer. We share life experiences with one another and sometimes we gain a greater understanding by listening to and speaking among our members.

We gather at times and places that are agreed to and suit each ROMEO Club™. Some meet for breakfast weekly, some meet for lunch weekly or monthly and some meet for dinner once per month. Each Club decides what venue suits them best.

What benefits do you ask?  Many and varied, from locations and meeting sites of clubs you might want to join to look at and purchase ROMEO CLUB™ logo clothing, find out what works with other ROMEO Club™ chapters, look at contemporary topics of information on staying up to date in this electronic age; so you don’t have to ask a grandkid how to post on Facebook, and much more, as rich as we can all make the site.

We can’t be more specific because there are no rules except have a meal and fun with friends, but we can assure you that we hope to tap into what ROMEO’S  have learned and want to share, worldwide.