Laundry Day


Saturday is laundry day for me. I really don't have much to wash. Towels and face clothes in one pile, colored clothing in another and neutral colors in a third pile. The fact that I choose to openly talk about it tells my readers what my life is about these days.
In the "old days" I never thought much about clean laundry. It was always in my drawer or my closet when I went searching for a particular piece of clothing. My summer and winter clothing seem to appear just at the right time as each season approached.
Often I would find new articles of clothing on top of the old one less the clothing that was removed and discarded because it was getting old or tattered.
Several weeks ago I was speaking with my friend's wife about laundry detergents. Yes... I said laundry detergents. Yes... I know that Arm & Hammer is not the same thing as the Yankees or Red Sox. The truth of the matter is that I don't need a baseball team... I need clean clothes that smell fresh!
After the conversation, I said to myself..."OMG...what have I devolved into? I'm talking about Clorox for whites and Tide sticks for stains." So be it!!! Gone are the days that I once had a interest in sports and more "manly" endeavors.
I must admit that the advice I received from my friend’s wife was right on the money. Who better to ask for good advice than a married woman of 50 years who is wise and seasoned.
I am very knowledgeable about what needs to be done on the outside of a house but I am still feeling my way through all of the "hidden chores and solutions" still to be discovered inside the house.
As I sat and pondered my plight this morning, I realized that I now have more female friends than male friends. They are the ones who continually enlighten me about all of those things that I took for granted while being happily married for 42 years.
I used to be embarrassed hanging my laundry on a outdoor clothes line until I install a series of decorative hooks used for hanging potted plants on my rear porch. They now share space with my freshly was shirts on hangers in good weather every Saturday.
Got to go... the buzzer on my dryer is hearkening me to unload it and get its contents folded for next week's activities Peace.

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