How to Start a Club / Why Join

When you join a ROMEO CLUB® or form your own ROMEO CLUB® you will become part of a fraternity of people with similar Interests.  The official ROMEO CLUB® has NO Religious, Political or Nationality affiliation. All are welcome and all have something to offer. We share life experiences with one another and sometimes we gain a greater understanding by listening to and speaking among our members.

Some people have been meeting on a regular basis as friends already.  These groups can go to our website, join as members and register their group as part of the official ROMEO CLUB®. 

 How to Start a Club

Where to begin if you are reading about the ROMEO CLUB® and the idea intrigues you? 

  • Join us as an individual, then create your own local group, it is quick and easy. Just talk or forward the website to a few friends, even 2 or 3 is fine. Membership and registration is free. 
  • Decide on a time of day to meet and the venue: some clubs it is breakfast or just coffee, another very popular time is lunch time. Less customary is a dinner or evening meeting.
  • Next step, ask these friends to meet with you using the fun, no rules structure of the ROMEO CLUB®
  • Initially just pick a time and place to meet for an hour or two to discuss life’s issues, or the latest news story.  Our experience is that people then want to keep meeting and a few more people join as they hear about it the benefits of being a member. 

 The most common ROMEO Club group arrangement is:

How often to meet: once a week, or every other week are the prevailing periods.  But of course, no rules – could be monthly on a specific day (first Monday of the month).

Where you meet, of course depends in the time of day.  Most restaurants are quite happy to have small groups meet.  Tell the restaurant about your group, they will enjoy a little laugh and yet watch the group flourish over time.

Leadership:  we do not encourage a formal corporate structure of any kind – no President, CEO, or general manager.  For practical purposes there should be a facilitator.  This role could rotate among the group.  This person, as one club calls him, is THE ARRANGER to notify people of the meetings and make restaurant reservations if needed.  A contact person for the group is also helpful to have, this could be THE ARRANGER or another person.  If your group registers on our website, the contact person would allow others to share experiences, ask questions, or request to join your group.

Questions and assistance from our official ROMEO CLUB® Member Services is always available.  We would love to hear your activities and topics of interest.  Check out the “What’s New”, Heard Directly from Local Clubs, or just enjoy or contribute to our “BLOG” or “As I was Saying” on the website for thoughts and ideas, plus other information helpful to a ROMEO CLUB®.