FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The ROMEO CLUB™ is a lightly structured association of Retired Men that meet to have food and fun with like minded friends. (and possibly find new friends). Some clubs meet weekly some meet monthly; some groups of men meet for breakfast, some for lunch and some for dinner, there are no rules.                                                                                                                                                                                       
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Can I join just as an individual, if do or do not belong to a group?
  • Yes, actually membership is on an individual basis; we will list group/chapters on a separate page, labeled “Locations”

 How are groups formed?

  • Groups, or some call them chapters, are arbitrary. Usually they are based on a local geography but may also be based on special interests such as former military.
  • Read the page on “How to Start a Club” for thoughts on starting your own group, feel free to email us for assistance or advice.

We are a small group that are currently meeting, why should we join ROMEO CLUB?

  • It is fun to be part of a larger organization, but yet not have any dues or organizational mandates.
  • ROMEO CLUB will be sharing ideas for meetings from other groups, give you locations and contact person, so you can sit in on another group while traveling, and other benefits, see page “Why Join”
  • Shop for unique ROMEO CLUB™ clothing and products – we will create a local group collection if requested. This will allow your members to buy online individually the ROMEO CLUB™ items with a local name added.

 I have questions about products in your “SHOP”, or having trouble with making a purchase in your “SHOP”?

  • Just send us an email or use the form under “Contact Us”