Heard Directly from Local Clubs

The excepts below are directly from a local club.  It will give you an idea of what others are dong and what you, or your group, might want to try.  Please share your local thoughts. actions and happenings with your fellow ROMEO's.  Check out the Gallery as well - we always appreciate pictures of each other.  

Robert Bornstein - Valencia Bonita Springs Florida.

Robert joined the Official ROMEO CLUB® in March 2019 and in June sent this note:

“I have just started a club in a new over 55 development. There are presently 12 residents who are in the group and I recently joined on your website. Do I now have to register the group with you and register all the members on your website also? I expect our local group will grow rapidly during the next year. Please advise what our next step(s) are to be.”

ROMEO CLUB provided some guidance and has been creating membership cards for this group almost every month. As of the end of October 2019, this club has more than tripled in size, approximately 39 members!