About Us

For those of you not familiar with a ROMEO CLUB™, it is a club with no hard and fast rules.  There are however rather universal features, not rules, but features.  Most ROMEO Clubs features, stress the following:

•    Friends
•    Food
•    Fun
•    And No Rules

So, what do ROMEO Clubs (Retired Old Men Eating Out) do?  They eat out, have fun, make and keep friends, and are not bound by rules, that is no causes, no specific membership restrictions except Retired “Old” Men Eating Out.  It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, once a week, or once a month, whatever works for a specific group.  Some are composed of people with similar interests or similar past professions, but most reflect the great mosaic that is the retired men’s community. Some have outside folks come in and talk or educate while others simply let the conversation flow.  

Why start or join a ROMEO Club?  If you like friends, food and fun, you qualify.  If you had enough rules in your work life, or at home, this is a great low-key but very meaningful experience.  If you miss the comradery that you had at work (not about the work), then this is for you.  Another great benefit is by being a member, you can mention to others your affiliation to a ROMEO Club, and you will get a judgmental look, followed by a great laugh when you say what it stands for.

Why do we call this web site with the domain name ROMEO CLUB.com, “The ROMEO CLUB”.  It is because this web site, will provide no cost benefits to members who wish to join “The” ROMEO Club.  What benefits do you ask?  Many and varied from locations of clubs you might want to join to ROMEO CLUB™ logo clothing, what works with other ROMEO Club chapters, topics so you don’t have to ask a grandkid how to post on Facebook, and much more.

We can’t be more specific because there are no rules except have a meal and fun with friends.   
Please explore our website to better understand our history and the benefits of joining this no cost club.  Join the legacy of ROMEO's sharing food and fun with like-minded friends, sharing our stories and supporting one another.