Membership is in the official ROMEO CLUB™ is easy & FREE! 

Just click on the link below to sign up.  As an individual, you do not need to belong to a local club to join - we welcome all members.  We do strongly encourage individuals to join or form a local group.  

  • “Qualifications” to join ROMEO CLUB™ (Retired Old Men Eating Out) are simple – we have no rules, but a typical member would be:
  • “Retired” but many are still working, full, part time, consulting, or maybe not – they are retired.
  • “Old” meaning probably over 50, but could be any mature age.
  • “Men” there are many options for males, but usually have a number of rules to join or participate – ours is just fun.  Females have other fun options such as the Red Hat Society.  Let’s just say that gender is typically male oriented.
  • “Eating Out” is the usual venue for meeting.  Could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon snack.

Take a tour of our website, to visit other topics such as the Benefits of joining.  We are a like-minded group of men having fun in a no pressure opportunity to get out of the house and fill the void of no longer going to the workplace - having light hearted conversation without an agenda or cause.  Spouses generally enjoy getting the man of the house OUT for a while as well.