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Adjustments in wardrobe after retirement • Downsizing living arrangements • Fun things to do with grandchildren Keeping your driver’s license • Benefits of Senior Living Facilities • Loss of Hearing • Dealing with loss of hair Loss of spouse • Cooking skills and how to develop them • Medical Crises – knee, hip, shoulder Health Club activities • Difficult son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws • Trips and vacations I always wanted to take Fishing and golf • Entertainment options and ideas

LEGACY - Remembrance

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Most of us have done ordinary things – lived a good life but nothing that hit the headlines or on the evening news.  So will we leave an imprint, something of value and importance during our existence on this planet? 


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Are you a snowbird?  Do you meet on a seasonal basis in two locations?

What is a BLOG???

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The main purpose is to provide informational, educational and sometimes just fun, posts to share with anyone interested, or a part of the ROMEO concept.  Most of the content comes from the folks behind the scenes here at the ROMEO CLUB™ website organization and their friends.  However, we have also opened up a channel for people to comment on our topics or raise other topics/issues of interest.