LEGACY - Remembrance


Did you ever think of your legacy – we pass away from this life and what imprint did we leave on this earth.  Some of us have done extraordinary things – walked on the moon or won a Nobel Prize.  Some of us have done extraordinary things – saved a life as a doctor, fireman or other first responders. 

Most of us have done ordinary things – lived a good life but nothing that hit the headlines or on the evening news.  So will we leave an imprint, something of value and importance during our existence on this planet? 

For many it will be all the small things we did for our family, or even just our example for them to emulate.  We may or may not have tangible items that they will value and bring remembrance of us.  Maybe we have a great coin collection we think they will cherish – but will they?  Or will the collection be sold at a fraction of the value we believe and kids just have more cash.

As I thought about this, I am taking some action.  Will be clearing the house of “my valuables” that probably will be “their burden” when I pass.  I am taking a long shot of developing a series of small cookbooks in paper and electronic form.  These are designed to stir up the remembrance of the past and perhaps have some true value to them or their children in the future.  The Italian recipes handed down from my mother’s side of the family, with a comments where they came from, or how used.  A booklet on the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) with how they organized, recipes and celebrated with food.  Of course a few pictures scattered throughout and lots of little stories. 

So my friends, can you share your thoughts on what your legacy might be. . .

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