“Snowbirds” are a significant portion of our group.  First, I better not assume everyone knows what a “snowbird” is.  Once they retire, people tend to stay in their hometown where they have friends and family, are very familiar with the surroundings – good restaurants, stores and other activities.   Others, when they retire, often go to a climate without snow or just a more retire biased area – Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, etc.  A “snowbird” creates the best of both worlds: he stays in his hometown for part of the year and flies south for 2 – 6 months for the harsher winter months.

ROMEO CLUB meetings still happen in the hometown, assuming enough men are present to make them worthwhile.  The snowbirds will often get together in the winter home area if they go to the same place.  It would be nice to have some of these snowbirds be able to join with local groups who permanently live in these areas.  The Branford CT group for example does this.  Continue to meet in CT during the winter, but the snowbirds do get together a few times in the West Palm Beach FL area.  This year they will seek out existing groups in FL near them as well. 

Another example of ROMEO CLUB snowbirds came last week through our website,, from Robert in Louisville OH.  He writes: “have a group in DAVENPORT FLORIDA from September thru April and one in HARTVILLE OHIO from May thru September”.

Are you a snowbird?  Do you meet on a seasonal basis in two locations like Robert?

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  • Yep , I am a Florida winter resident. I like to think of us as “Sunbirds” as we follow the sun, not the snow. Where we lived for 40+ years we noticed the little grey birds with white chest seemed to arrive when it snowed and tried to find seed beneath beneath the snow with a foot movement that pushed the snow away. We are residents and winter in Port Charlotte, FL and summer in Yardley, PA just over the Delaware from Trenton, NJ. Looking for a ROMEO group nearby hopefully in both places.

    william mount

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